HHC offers apprenticeship

HHC offers apprenticeship

May 21, 2018

Henderson Health Care Services, Inc. hosted a signing ceremony on April 26, 2018 for its very first apprenticeship program. Henderson Health Care Services, Inc. understands the importance of providing an opportunity to develop talent locally. HHCS is the third health care facility in Nebraska to embrace Registered Apprenticeship as a method to fill its skill shortage and support local individuals, allowing apprentices to obtain post-secondary education and portable credentials while earning a living wage.

During the signing ceremony, the two Medical Coder/Biller apprentices, Britt Reynolds and Jenny Newman, signed their apprenticeship agreements. These apprentices will be continuing their education with AHIMA (American Health Information Association) during their term of registered apprenticeship.

Those in attendance included a representative each from AHIMA, the Nebraska Department of Labor and the US Department of Labor.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Registered Apprenticeship has dramatically impacted the lives, careers and opportunities for millions of workers, and more than 150,000 businesses over the last 80 years, from careers in healthcare, energy and IT, to manufacturing, transportation and more.

Companies that offer apprenticeship programs can diversify their workforce, improve productivity and profitability, standardize training, and reduce turnover. HHCS plans to continue the partnership with the Department of Labor and AHIMA in order to offer registered apprenticeship programs.

Located in Henderson, Nebraska, Henderson Health Care Services is a full-service medical facility encompassing a critical access hospital, two rural health clinics, specialty clinics, diagnostic services, long term care, and assisted living.