“I get such great care here. This is a very warm and loving facility.”

Emergency Services

e-Emergency improves outcomes for emergency patients by linking the emergency room staff to a remote multidisciplinary team, specialty trained in emergency medicine. eEmergency offers immediate access to an emergency physician, supporting the nursing staff before our local physician arrives in the ER. Reducing time between patient care and physician access allows for faster diagnosis and treatment, translating into improved recoveries and lives saved. eEmergency supports the nursing staff by providing a resource that can assist with arranging transfers, making necessary calls to on-call staff, and completing real time documentation as care is delivered. eEmergency can help with physician retention as our providers must cover the ER 24-hours a day, seven days a week. eEmergency relieves some of the tedium of overnight call, acts as a resource for our mid-levels so ultimately it brings a physician in only in cases of true emergency.