Train Your Brain 2019

Train Your Brain 2019

December 14, 2018

Train Your Brain for Weight Loss
Marty Wolff, The Biggest Loser Season 3 contestant

Marty Wolff is returning to Henderson to lead the Train Your Brain program. During the 2018 Train Your Brain program, participants lost a combined 600 pounds!

In the 2019 program, participants can choose to enroll in the Train Your Brain 20-week program, or the pared down 4-class program. Not sure which is for you? Come to the class on Monday, January 14th for FREE!

20-week program: $100
4-class program: $50

Learn more about Marty and the Train Your Brain program by visiting

Added Benefits of the Train Your Brain program:
Individual weight, body fat and body measurements will be taken.

Receive nutritional guidance from Henderson Health Care’s Registered Dietitian.

Forget fad diets, this is training for real-life, lifelong weight management.

Whether you want to lose 100+ pounds, or learn to maintain your current weight, ‘Train Your Brain’ can help!

About Marty Wolff
Marty Wolff understands the struggle to lose weight. He’s dealt with it his whole life.
That’s why he runs a gym and health club, Square One, that is specifically tailored for people who are at least 50 pounds overweight.
Marty is a native of Council Bluffs, IA. He made headlines on The Biggest Loser, not only by losing 146 pounds, but by proposing to fellow contestant, Amy Hildreth. They were married in 2008 and have two sons.
Marty has a podcast called “Chubby Talk” that highlights amazing stories about health and life.
After his experience on the weight loss reality show, Marty and his wife Amy traveled across the U.S. on a speaking tour. They spoke to hospitals, colleges, schools, health clubs and many companies. They were on many radio shows nationwide and were featured on the Today Show, Fox and Friends, Oprah, as well as People magazine. These experiences led Marty to believe that helping people through their weight loss journey was the way to make his mark on the world.