Medication Refills

If you receive a new prescription during a clinic visit, we will call your pharmacy and order the medication. When you are ready for a refill, we prefer that you contact the pharmacy. If a refill is approved, your pharmacist will prepare it for you to pick up.

If your prescription requires a doctor’s approval, the pharmacist will contact your doctor for you and fill the prescription. However, if the doctor does not approve the prescription refill you will be notified and you will need to contact your doctor. IT MAY TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS FOR US TO GET THE APPROVAL FOR A PRESCRIPTION REFILL.

It is possible that you may need an appointment in order for the doctor to determine whether or not your prescription should be refilled or if changes should be made. Try to get your refill handled before you are completely out of your medication.


Will not be filled over the phone. If diagnosed with chronic pain, you must be seen by your healthcare provider on a scheduled basis, every 1-2 months. If you have a condition serious enough to warrant morphine or a cousin of morphine, you must be examined routinely to assess if continued use is appropriate.


Will not be filled over the phone unless seen by your healthcare provider within the last three months.


Generally not filled over the phone. If you have been seen by your healthcare provider recently and are failing to improve, you must contact your doctor for a refill authorization.


If you have been seen by your healthcare provider within the last four months and your blood pressure is within a certain measurement your prescription will be refilled. You should see your doctor two times a year to monitor your condition for refills.


If you have diabetes, you should be seen by your healthcare provider three times per year. If your doctor has approved your medication you can generally receive refills for 4 months.


If your blood tests show that your liver enzymes are stable, your healthcare provider may refill your statin for 12 months. Otherwise, you might need monthly blood tests to monitor your liver function and your dosage might need to be adjusted.


If you are taking thyroid medication you must have blood tests to monitor the dosage of your medication. Your doctor may approve up to one year depending on blood test results and your symptoms.

Birth Control Pills:

A yearly Pap smear is required for patients on birth control pills. Your doctor will usually approve a one year prescription refill if your Pap smear is current.

*If you need to be seen by your provider regarding medication, you must make a specific clinic appointment to address your medication refills or concerns. If you come to the clinic for a separate purpose (illness or injury) and do not speak to the provider about your medication you will need to make another appointment to do so.