Care Management/Social Services

At Henderson Health Care, the care management (social services) staff is an important part of the health care team. Our patient resource manager advocates for the care and discharge plan of patients every day, taking into account the patient and family’s needs and situation. They also make sure the physical, emotional, and health care needs of every patient are met both while in the hospital and after discharge.

Discharge assistance

Patient resource managers are available to work with patients and their families to:

  • Plan Discharge
  • assess discharge needs
    – Home Health/Hospice
    – Rehabilitation
    – Long-Term Care
    – Outpatient Services
  • provide connections with community resources
    – Meals on Wheels
    – Life-Line
    – Oxygen Services
    – Medical Equipment

Long-term assistance

In addition to helping prepare for discharge from Henderson Health Care, our patient resource manager is available to assist patients and their families with problems that may accompany an extended illness or disability.

Care management can:

  • assist with advance directives and ethical health care issues   (Link to Advance Directives under  “Forms”)
  • Educate on ways to adapt to an illness or disability
  • Provide emotional support and counseling
  • Provide information about Medicare, Medicaid or other health care insurance plans
  • Refer to community services
  • Coordinate interpreter services for patients with limited-English proficiency
  • Refer to protective services in situations of abuse or neglect

Specialized care

Henderson Health Care has a patient resource manager dedicated to the specialized needs of patients.

For more information about care management, call (402) 723-4512.

Patient Discharge Planning

From the moment you are admitted to the Henderson Community Hospital, our staff works as a team to help prepare you for your discharge.

Your Discharge Plan

The Henderson Health Care staff works together to develop a care plan appropriate for you, which may include:

*going home where a home health professional may care for you,
*going to a rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility where you can regain strength and function, or
*going to a long-term care facility.

To help coordinate the recommendations made by your health care team, a member of the case management (social services) department will work with – and for – you and your family. Your case manager will help you make arrangements for medical, physical and emotional needs you may have as your care is continued in other settings.

Your doctor will authorize your discharge and write a discharge order in your patient chart. Discharge plans will be discussed with you by your doctor, nurse or care manager.

Long Term Care Services

Long-term care services are available on the Henderson Health Care campus, at the Henderson Care Center. Services provided through the Henderson Care Center include:

  • Nursing services (registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurses’ aides)
  • Speech, physical and occupational therapies
  • Dietary/nutritional services
  • Adult daycare/respite services

For more information about long-term care services please call (402) 723-5301.